The Show: We are a local based talk radio show that asks the real questions to get the real answers. No more trying to be politically correct or trying to be polite, but straight talk, raw talk, that is blunt and in your face. No topics are off limits and no subjects are out of bounds. The only limitations are time and opportunity. This show has been instrumental in following the Freddie Gray, Martin O'Malley, and Police Department cover-ups in and around the city. The city needs a voice and the citizens need to be heard. Right here is our platform and stage where everyone can be heard and real people listen. The show was under a previous name and  other director, but now we have a new host, new name, and a new season of exclusives and shocking facts. But you haven't heard the latest until you have heard it here.

The Host: Dr Q is a product of the Baltimore City School System under the late Alice Pinderhughes as Superintendent.  Graduate of Edmondson Westside High School, New Hope Bible College & Seminary, United States Air Force, and Pastor of Crusade Free Will Baptist Church. Aside from the educational side, Dr. Q has also seen the inside of jail, false arrest, police brutality, workplace discrimination, and has a pivotal role in the Black community to educate and elevate minds of the the old and young alike, because if you don't stand for something, then you will fall for anything. Although, Dr. Q is a minister, this show is not religious based or biased. All are welcome to voice their views and opinions on this show, but also with the understanding that everyone does not have to like or agree with it.

The Co-Host: Aaron Green as born and raised in Baltimore, MD and has always dreamed of a career in broadcasting and is pursuing his dream and passion on this show. Aaron is working on completing an associates degree with a Communication Studies concentration at CCBC and plans to graduate in 2020. Aaron loves to listen to talk radio and keep up to date on current events in Baltimore, State, and National news through documentaries, blogs and other forms of media, because his community concerns are especially important to him.  Aaron's goal and hope is to contribute to the growth of this show and help bring the important,  undercover, and under reported topics of the Black Community to the forefront. Lastly, Aaron feels this show will allow him to reach out to get others involved in something hyped and happening that he loves and is committed to doing. In the future, Aaron plans to write scripts for movies and comic books in addition to co-hosting the show.